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When requesting information on people, an indication of date of birth (approximate will do), trade if known and address or area where they lived if known, will greatly increase your chances of success. 


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Message 677 - sheila s malcolm | sheilamalcolm~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Looking for Auriel Carr who lived in Seaham and went to Sunderland Art College in the early 60's. She lived at Laburnum Crescent.
7 /March /2019----15 :10 :00 - peterlee

Message 676 - Lucy Taylor | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
To all members and visitors we wish you all the best for Christmas and the new year 2019 .
the Admins
21 /December /2018----15 :14 :22 - seaham

Message 675 - Palmer | kflat~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Mum's ancestor Hannah Palmer was born Sunderland 1835 Her sister was Janet? Parents Job Palmer and Jane Porter lived near Clementinia Close,Hendon, Sunderland England. Family photo has young well dressed young dark haired woman Hair is styled and has jewellery. Hannah sailed to Melbourne and met William (Devonshire Bill) wellington and settled in the small gold mining settlement of Heathcote Victoria Australia Hannah died of typhoid fever age 30 years Family oral history has ship building as the family business. For over 30 years remittance money was sent from England to the Post office A relative visited England in 1920s/1930s and a letter said the money will go to another family member because William Bill Wellington was drinking the money.
Photographer was Bolko Schiemen 135 & 141 High St Sunderland

Later document list parents living in London
4 /September /2018----09 :52 :40 - Bendigo Victoria Australia

Message 674 - David Jackson | davidgolfpro2012~AT~gmail~DOT~com
HI, My Grandad and Grandmother were called Crozier and they lived in Dawdon, sadly my Grandmother terraced flat was knocked down to make way for brand new houses where a school used to stand, she was in charge of the kitchen there, my Grandad was called William Crozier and worked in the local mine.

Does anyone remember them? Thanks.
23 /August /2018----18 :26 :30 - cambridge

Comment:   I have put this on Old Photos of Seaham to see if any of the members remember them . do remember a lad with surname Crozier but cannot remember anything .

Message 673 - Jean Spence | jean~DOT~spence~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Reply to message 656 re SS Oakwell
15 /July /2018----14 :47 :53 - Seaham

Message 672 - Kyle H. Hope | reelfun~AT~telus~DOT~net
Hello, my grandfather,John William Robinson Hope, was born in Dawdon county Durham 1893 I believe.
He worked in one of the collieries handling Pit Ponies from a very young age until he headed off to war to defend England and its allies.
My Grandad came to Canada in about 1919, worked in the Alberta and British Columbia coal mines and earned enough to bring my grandmother and her brothers over from the Old Country.
I'm hoping there is someone still in seaham or Dawdon that remembers the Hope surname or Davies or Dawson.
Proud of my English heritage,

Kyle H Hope
9 /March /2018----02 :21 :09 - Cranbrook BC Canada

Comment:   Kyle go the East Durham SIte in Facebook and post there.(East Durham history Group ) Just noticed you live in CRanbrook its a lovely place

Message 671 - david page
can anyone help I am trying to get in touch with MAY PAGE born in SEAHAM but I think she lives in SUNDERLAND May had a request to be in touch thru ANCESTORY but I have lost it
11 /February /2018----02 :57 :15 - BUSSELTON WEST AUSTRALIA

Message 670 - Lucy | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Please remember this is a Guest Book and not for advertising
23 /January /2018----13 :49 :09 - seaham

Message 669 - Lucy | Lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
To all members and guests I hope you had a Marvellous Christmas and wishing you all the best of Health and Happiness in 2018.
27 /December /2017----10 :56 :55 - Seaham

Message 668 - Sylvia Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I have been trying to trace my grandmother family.I have past generations but hopefully would love to make contact with any relatives of today.Her married name was Marie Thompson born in 1883 / 1885 her maiden name was Reveley.
I am wanting to trace any living family of the Reveley.past history tells me they lived in viceroy street.
Any help would be great thanks
13 /December /2017----23 :46 :13 - Greater Manchester

Comment:   Try getting in touch with this woman her email is dotporteous@aol.com she was a reveley before marriage

Message 667 - David Nichols | dnicho02~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Looking for
John Grainger
Keir Warne
Mike Chambers

All Traffic South
14 /November /2017----00 :02 :46 - Australia

Message 666 - David Nichols | dnicho02~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Checking for messages
13 /November /2017----23 :58 :24 - Australia

Message 665 - Mo | Mo~DOT~gartland~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Looking through your fab photos I think number 011 on your unknown ones is the Ivy House pub in Worcester Terrace Sunderland. In the 1980s I lived opposite and seem to recognise that doorway.

Also wondering if you might have any photos of my grandad Abe Smith of the Characters of Seaham poem fame. He worked for the Council and drove the cart clearing houses. He was also MC for Catholic dances and sold tickets for the dances. He died around 1951.
Thank you x
10 /October /2017----22 :23 :47 - Grangetown

Message 664 - Pauline west maiden name Grainger | pauline333west~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
My name is Pauline I was wondering if any one knows John Thompson or his address he belonged Seaham and he worked at the Dawdon pit I have been trying to find him for a long while now I you to write to John but I lost his address and could no longer write to him I owe him a huge apology and an explanation I hope he is well and has been happy I missed him so much so if you know him can you let me know please
24 /September /2017----12 :12 :04 - Consett

Comment:   Did John Have sisters and Brothers if so what are their names and where in Seaham did he actually live ie Parkside,Dawdon Westlea Seaton Low Colliery Eastlea

Message 663 - Pauline West maiden name Grainger | Pauline333west~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I am trying to locat John Thompson I used to write to John but lost his address he belonged Seaham and he worked at Dawdon pit I have been trying to locate him a long long time as I owe him a big apology and an explanation he was tall dark and handsome and had the most beautiful eyes I have missed him so much and I really did love him I hope he is well and that he has been happy if any one knows him or his address could you please contact me on my email address thanking you
19 /September /2017----13 :44 :27 - Consett

Message 662 - Melanie Ann Pirnie | Melanieapirnie~AT~outlook~DOT~com
I am wanting to get in touch with Carlo Plows, born on the same date just different years.
8 /June /2017----23 :13 :15 - Gateshead

Message 661 - Lucy
Happy Easter to all
14 /April /2017----11 :02 :31

Message 660 - Ann Hansen | annmackem1~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
I'm trying to find my old friend Dorothy Plows née Newton.
I know she lives in Seaham, maybe in the Northlea area.She is married to Jack Plows and they have 2 sons called Gino and Carlo and a daughter called Rosina. I'm hoping someone can help me trace any of the Plows family. Also, I got a message from a lady called Vi Carr, it was about Dorothy but I couldnt open it.If you read this Vi, please contact me again. Regards from Ann Hansen in Australia.Dot would know me as Ann Pike.
19 /March /2017----03 :08 :05 - Banora Point Australia 2486

Comment:   Vi Carr is in Facebook Ann

Message 659 - TMorrison | tuzm~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I am looking for information about Edward (Eddie) Wilson born around 1917. A former miner at Murton Colliery who during the war was a stoker in the merchant navy and later moved to London where he married and died in 1964. The only names I have as relatives are Bobby and Kenny and a lady called Liz who raised Eddie. Any help appreciated.
Thank you
8 /March /2017----11 :17 :14 - London

Message 658 - frankie bland
does anyone remember pat and mick from dawdwn
11 /February /2017----17 :09 :41

Comment:   Pat and Mick ????????

Message 657 - Joe williams | Civic1235~AT~msn~DOT~com
Just wondering why the the seaham guestbook ,has not been updated since jan2016.i know it has nothing to do with this site,but very sad if at has closed for good.cheers joe
8 /February /2017----15 :45 :06 - Spain

Comment:   Try contacting them on this email address: guest77@guest.seaham.com . One of the owners of the site can also be found on facebook ::: https://www.facebook.com/sadie.mason.735?fref=ts

Message 656 - Michael Holland | bromley35~AT~aol~DOT~com
I have a 1913 postcard going from my hometown (Rotherhithe in London) to a seaman's wife in Seaham Harbour telling her that his ship, SS Oakwell, (the Bottleboat), will be home on Saturday.
I know the son Xantho Claude Wollage also worked on the boat and found through your site that it struck a mine in 1917 with the tragic loss of 4 lives.
Does anyone know the names of the unlucky seamen that never returned home, and if it was either of the people on my postcard?
Thank you in anticipation of your help.
7 /February /2017----20 :30 :41 - London

Message 655 - John Banks | bajemms~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am wondering if anyone could possibly help me .I am looking to get in touch with a Jimmy Corkhill from Seaham He was one of three brothers they were all very good footballers I played alongside Jimmy at Camden square sec. mod in the 1950s Jimmys two brothers were called Eddie and Harry. thank you.
4 /February /2017----14 :35 :12 - Sunderland

Comment:   are you a member of facebook if so then there is a Doreen Corkhill wife of Harry in there she maybe put you in direction Of Jimmy I knew him years ago

Message 654 - Lisha McMahon | lishamcmahon~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hi my great grandparents that I can chase back were Michael McMahon and Ann McGough. Any info would be great xx
30 /January /2017----20 :26 :27 - burnopfield

Comment:   It may help if you could furnish some details such as date of Birth and place of birth etc

Message 653 - Lucy Taylor | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Please refrain from Posting advertisements as they are not allowed on this site. Before posting please make sure that what you have to say is relevant to the site
23 /January /2017----17 :55 :40 - seaham

Message 652 - Ann Hansen (née Pike) | Annmackem1~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
Can anyone help me find an old school friend of mine.She is now called Dorothy Plowes or Plows and would be 76 years old.She used to be called Dorothy Newton and they used to live in Grey Rd in Hendon .Last contact I had before my computer crashed and I lost all my email addresses was from Dorothy and she was living in Seaham, could have been in the Northlee area.I remember she had a daughter with a name something like Rosina.I would be so glad for any help.Hopefullysome of her family or friends will read this.Many thanks from Ann Hansen. ( Dorothy would know me as Ann Pike)
6 /January /2017----21 :53 :44 - Banora Point Australia

Message 651 - Lucy | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Please refrain from Posting advertisements as they are not allowed on this site
31 /December /2016----15 :30 :48 - Seaham

Message 650 - Edward Nicholl | emn~AT~enicholl~DOT~com
I look after a website for the remembrance of the men of the Yorkshire Regiment (the Green Howards) who fought and died in the First World War.

This website is entirely non-commercial, its input is by volunteers, and all costs are borne by me.

You have a number of photographs of Rolls of Honour / War Memorials on this website which I would very much like to be able to use. Almost all of them will have the names of men of the Yorkshire Regiment on them.
Would it be possible to obtain copies of these photos at a sufficiently high resolution so that individual names can be read.
Appropriate copyright would be acknowledged, together with links to your website.
If there is any information on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembance website that would be of use to your own website, please let me know.
30 /December /2016----16 :04 :46 - Stockton-on-Tees

Message 649 - Fred Parker. | Parkerpen~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Yes, Wally Johnson did live in Beech Crescent And had A sister called Margy.
can you give me any more info?
24 /December /2016----15 :16 :52 - irthlingborough

Comment:   he stilll lives in Northants Margie his sister lives in Fencehouses if you have a facebook account one of wally's nephews has an account his name is Maurice Foster.......https://www.facebook.com/maurice.foster.18?fref=ts

Message 648 - Lucy | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
The Management and Admins would like to wish all guests a Very Merry Christmas And a Happy and Healthy New year 2017
23 /December /2016----05 :10 :08 - seaham

Message 647 - Ferd Parker | Parkerpen~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Anyone nowhere Wally Johnson is now,
I lost touch with him years ago,
Last heard of in Northants.
Thank you.
30 /November /2016----16 :47 :00 - Irthlingborough

Comment:   Is that Wally Johnson who lived in Beech Crescent Parkside and had a sister Margy

Message 646 - Jean Elliott | jeanelliott_773~AT~fsmail~DOT~net
Just visiting
26 /November /2016----21 :17 :43 - Stockton-on-Tees

Message 645 - Karen Adams (nee Elgey) | karen1adams~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I think that you have a photograph of my grandfather, Joseph Elgey of Elgey's Timberyard, on this site and wondered if it would be possible to arrange to have a copy. He died when my father was 8yrs old and I don't have any photos of him.
16 /October /2016----11 :36 :02 - West Sussex

Comment:   I have sent you an email with a copy of the photo you wanted.Signed:- Lucy taylor

Message 644 - Lucy Taylor | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
To the person asking about the 3 schools I am so sorry but I went to answer you and i pressed delete . Ropery Walk School Dawdon Infants and Junior School and the Girls Grammar school are the 3 that you were asking about. Ropery Walk. was demolished and a new school built on the land the other two were also demolished
10 /October /2016----15 :10 :33 - seaham

Message 643 - Mike Cunliffe | m~DOT~j~DOT~cunliffe~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
My great great grandfather was a lodger in William Sreet Seaham Harbour in 1861. He was a stone mason. I'm trying to locate where William Street was as it doesn't show on any maps. William Pollard was born in Bradford and finally settled with his family in Salford, Manchester.
I've looked at the Seaham timeline and can see there was a lot of building happening in the area including the harbour itself.
Would be good if someone can let me know the whereabouts of William Street. I intend the area in 2017.
28 /September /2016----21 :48 :30 - Chorley

Comment:   I have sent you an e-mail with aerial pic of Seaham in 1928 it shows William Street

Message 642 - Ann Hansen nee Pike | annmackem~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
Hope someone can help. is there any members of the Church St Methodist Church that used to be some years ago. remember the name of the Vicar who was there in the mid to late 1950s. He was a tall man with white hair, married with a family. I remember him from when I was a young girl as my parents went to the church. I was told that the Vicars son had the part of a Policeman in the film " Life For Ruth " but I don't know if this is correct. Many Thanks from Ann.
8 /September /2016----02 :34 :26 - Banora Point New South Wales Australia

Comment:   I posted your query in the facebook site and this is a reply to it:.....Val Heaton said " I went to the Methodist church in the 50's the vicar was Mr Malcolm and his wife - don't know if this is same person? Lots of people from Seaham had parts as " extras" .

Message 641 - Graeme Lacey | graeme~DOT~lacey~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Mavis Wanklyn (nee Greaves) 1938 - 2016 was recently interred into Parkside Cemetery.
22 /August /2016----18 :32 :01 - North Yorkshire

Message 640 - Kelvin Wilson | kelvin~DOT~wilson~AT~tip~DOT~nl
I am researching a Newbiggin-born whaling captain who after his retirement moved to Seaham Harbour. But whereas I have many details on his time in the Pacific, what he was exactly doing in country Durham eludes me. I would very much appreciate some pointers how to further my research.

His name was William Lisle. During the 1851 census (by which time he was coming up sixty) his family was living on Frances Street. A son was born to them at Seaham Harbour in 1854, the same year a directory puts William Lisle, a 'shipowner', on Dean Street.
By 1857 they were at Western Hill, away from the sea.

Who can help? Who can tell what ship(s) he owned? What would the trade have been? Are there local sources I should look at?.

Thanks in advance!
18 /August /2016----10 :44 :03 - Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

Message 639 - mick maratty | mickeymaratty~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
does anyone remember tommy gus geary had a brother called bruce. lived in magnolia st in the 50s
14 /August /2016----15 :11 :55 - brighton

Message 638 - Clifford Clark
To M Howarth, Many Thanks, will head there now.
Kind Regards
1 /August /2016----15 :31 :58 - Doncaster

Message 637 - M Howarth
To Clifford Clark,
Hi, yes I found the information on a Douglass family tree at Ancestry
30 /July /2016----19 :41 :10

Message 636 - Clifford Clark | info~AT~cliffclark~DOT~co~DOT~uk
To M Howarth, many thanks for your help, out of interest where did you come across this information please, was it Ancestry web site maybe?

Kind Regards

27 /July /2016----15 :32 :14 - Doncaster

Message 635 - M Howarth
to Clifford Clark.
I have found an Agnes Clark born Boldon Durham 1896, married William Wallace Milburn b1891
William died in Warwickshire 1960
Found one daughter Eileen May Milburn 1932-1999
Hope this helps.

17 /July /2016----14 :34 :22 - seaham

Message 634 - Clifford Clark
Trying to trace decendants of Peter Clark, originally from County Down, and his family, 1911 census shows he had a wife, Catherine, 4 sons, Owen, James Samuel, Patrick,and Thomas, two daughters Cathine and Agnes, James Samuel was killed in 1916 on the Somme but that is all I know, other than they lived in Aline Street, Seaham and the sons worked as hewers at Boldon colliery at the time
4 /July /2016----15 :33 :47 - Doncaster

Message 633 - m howarth | margehowarth~AT~aol~DOT~com
Can anyone tell me where I can have an old photo repaired without it costing a fortune?
25 /June /2016----15 :16 :51 - Co Durham

Comment:   can you send me your email and then I will have a look
cheers kith Admin

Message 632 - michael maratty
23 /June /2016----18 :07 :07

Message 631 - MICHAEL MARATTY | mickeymaratty~AT~yahoo~DOT~com

21 /June /2016----16 :54 :32 - BRIGHTON

Comment:   Seaham Guest book is run by different people to the people who run this site

Message 630 - Joe williams | Civic1235~AT~msn~DOT~com
I don't know what is going on,very few comments on things on this site.mind you on other web site about seaham nothing since 19 January 2016.are people who do these two very good web sites getting sick of it?if so I would of though they would be some people who would be very interested to carry on the good work.dont mean to step on people's toes thought it would be very sad if these two web sites closed with a whimper.
14 /June /2016----10 :48 :17 - Spain

Comment:   We keep asking for people to send new Photographs and stories we also have a facebook page where items are being added: https://www.facebook.com/groups/east.durham/

Message 629 - Lucy | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Please do not post advertisments in this guest book, any that do appear will be deleted . thank you
8 /June /2016----20 :42 :06 - seaham

Message 628 - Dave Nichols | dnicho02~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Used to work TRAFFIC SOUTH Northumbria Police
John GRAINGER was one of my sidekicks wonder if he is still around
Also Keir WARNE
7 /June /2016----06 :28 :40 - Coldstream Australia

Message 627 - Geoffrey Kerr-Morgan | geoffkm91~AT~gmail~DOT~com
What a fantastic site there is a photograph on here of John Kerr- Morgan I believe to be my Great Uncle
6 /May /2016----15 :36 :03 - Middlesbrough

Message 626 - Steve Portas | steve_portas~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Looking for any information about Murley family, who owned a bakery in Church St from 1880's to 1990's. Also about Margaret Gray b.1850 who married in 1880, Meburn H Murley b. 1856,

26 /March /2016----20 :59 :44 - Scunthorpe

Comment:   If you are a member of Facebook there is a Cecilia Murley and a Jerry Murley who are members they maybe able to help you

Message 625 - Paul Walton | Paul~DOT~waltonart~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Searching for information about Thomas Walton and family (1911 census Alexandrina St Seaham)
Thomas and Josephine Walton lived in Seaham from around 1910 to 1935. They had nine children but later the family split up and I believe most moved to Lancashire.
Thomas was a coal miner and chairman of the Dawdon Workmens Club 1923-34. I would be most greatful for any information or pointers as to where to search next.
Thanks, Paul Walton (great nephew)
26 /March /2016----14 :33 :40 - Whitehaven Cumbria

Message 624 - Patricia | Pforse2007~AT~outlook~DOT~com
I believe my mum was working for a doctor who lived at Tempest House in the early 1950s. Does anyone know his name? He had a small daughter, I think my mum was her nanny
1 /March /2016----07 :42 :28 - Eastbourne

Comment:   The doctors names I remember for this surgery at that time would be Dr Lecky ( not sure of spelling ) Dr Robinson Dr Weir and Dr Anderson and I think it was Dr Lecky who lived on the premises but not 100% sure of this

Message 623 - Maureen Rutherford was Herron | m~DOT~rutherford~AT~mypostoffice~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I remember my Dad, Jackie Herron, talking about taking part in what I think of as push ball. I think it was a team game played with a huge ball. He probably played as part of a team. For some reason I link it with Seaham, although the family lived in Sunderland. Can anyone help me to find out more please.
12 /February /2016----09 :12 :36 - Flintshire North Wales

Message 622 - Cliff Clark | info~AT~cliffclark~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Sad to report Miles Knox passed away last week, his funeral will take place at South Shields Crematorium Thursday morning 17th December
11 /December /2015----09 :25 :26 - Doncaster

Message 621 - Mary Maguire | mmaguire1980~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi J Nelson
Thanks for replying, my grandad would have been reading the sermon then and my grandma would have played the organ. Grandad's name was John Watson known as Jack and he lived in Longnewton Street.
9 /December /2015----22 :38 :25 - Eastbourne

Message 620 - J Nelson | jnel543~AT~aol~DOT~com
Re message 629. Hi Mary, I remember going to the Ebenezer Hall in the late '50's. I would have been 10 or 11 years old. I remember the building as a fairly typical church hall- practical! I remember I enjoyed going to the meetings and learning the worship songs. I'm not sure what my mother thought as we were brought up Methodists!
23 /November /2015----20 :50 :50 - North Yorks

Message 619 - Kevin Lynch aka Kipper | kipperlynch70~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I recently visited Seaham Harbour and was reminded of a visit I made there with Norman Foggin (Fudgie) in 1959/60 to stay with his parents. I met Norman when we were both living in Civil Service hostels in South Kensington and he used to come to Queensgate hostel to sing, whilst I played guitar. The song I will always associate with him is ' Three steps to Heaven' It would be great to hear from him.
10 /November /2015----18 :52 :19 - Birchington, Kent

Message 618 - Mary Maguire | mmaguire1980~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
In the 1920s my grandad was a coal miner, during a strike he helped to build a meeting hall for his local church, it is called Ebenezer Hall and it is still there. I believe it has recently closed as a place of worship . Does anyone know anything about it. Are there any pictures of it being built? Was there an announcement in the local paper? I have one or two pictures of it taken a few years ago but does anyone have any memories of it? I do not live locally though my grandad would have been well known in the Seaham area I would have thought.
1 /November /2015----18 :40 :13 - Eastbourne

Comment:   You didn't state your grandfathers name

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