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When requesting information on people, an indication of date of birth (approximate will do), trade if known and address or area where they lived if known, will greatly increase your chances of success. 


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Message 528 - Lucy | luc176~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Weather permitting The George Elmy Lifeboat will sail into Seaham on June23rd 2013 between 12 noon and 2 pm. If weather not good then it will sail the following week on the 30th June
7 /June /2013----07 :28 :14 - Seaham

Message 527 - Joanne Galley | jogalley57~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi I've just come across your site. I am trying to trace my fathers (Galley) maternal side of the family (Early), they lived at 12 Railway Terrace, Hetton le Hole at the 1911 census. Have old post card photos but putting dates to some of them is difficult, wondered if it would be worth putting on the site? My great grandfather James Early worked in the colliery, my grandmother Winifred looks to be about 3 so it must be around 1899. Other photos maybe 1920's?
2 /June /2013----08 :12 :57 - Adelaide South Australia

Comment:   Hello Joanne, sorry I missed your post back in June, I can't help with your Hetton ancestors but maybe someone from the area will contact you.
Re your postcards and photographs, any scans would be very welcome and could maybe turn up some info for you.
Thanks, Dave

Message 526 - Eric Braley | ricebarley1~AT~bigpond~DOT~com
WOW! What a great website and so many memories of the Lifeboat disaster. I was admitted to Seaham Hall Hospital about mid day with a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) after leaving my ship in an emergency in Manchester the day before to travel home to Sunderland by myself. Although I was in poor shape and barely conscious I vividly remember the rockets lighting up the dark afternoon sky and all hell breaking loose at the hospital as the staff and local patients realised that maybe their friends and kin were in terrible strife on a foul and unforgettable day. I was at the hospital for about 3 weeks after emergency surgery that evening. Thankfully I made a full recovery all due to the wonderful devoted and talented staff. I have lived in Australia for the past 45 years but still think of that terrible day and am very pleased to have found this site so I can see what really happened.
1 /June /2013----06 :50 :15 - Drysdale Victoria Australia

Message 525 - Simon Chapman | simon~DOT~chapman1~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Please check your captions of Dalton/North Dalton pumping stations. These were two separate places only a short distance apart but the captions are mixed up. Dalton is the big Victorian station currently in a slow process of repair and part-conversion to housing. North Dalton is of much later date and still in use as a water pumping station.
29 /May /2013----21 :13 :21 - Cleveland

Comment:   Thanks Simon, I apologise for caption errors, these were pointed out to me over a year ago by Stafford Linsley along with all necessary corrections.
Unfortunately I struggle to find time
these days but I will get around to the corrections eventually. Dave

Message 524 - Ray Curtis | raycurtis70~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
For Lucy Young, Idont know if it helps but the houses where demolished about 1933-35.
17 /May /2013----15 :30 :24 - seaham

Message 523 - Ray Curtis | raycurtis70~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
For Lucy,There was a William St. which ran from Henry St to Back North Trrace.The street was demolished and replaced by the Hawthorn Square development.Maybe this is what you want.
17 /May /2013----14 :09 :42 - Seaham

Message 522 - Lucy Young | lucyoung~AT~msn~DOT~com
Hi I'm look for a Street with the address 29 William St Seaham Harbour County
It's not on google maps, I am just wondering if it changed or has gone?
16 /May /2013----20 :18 :09 - Derbyshire

Comment:   In the Seaham section scroll down to Streets then choose Central Area Index 1928 when page opens click on the photograph that is shown and when it opens look for No 14 that is William street
Lucy Taylor

Message 521 - Lucy | luc176~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Gloria Cubillo
This site is a History Site mainly for the East Durham region of the UK therefore I have deleted your post. Although I did not understand most of what you wrote there seemed to be some kind of Advertising within and we do not allow Advertsing of any sort here in the Guestbook
1 /May /2013----07 :33 :11 - Seaham

Message 520 - bob harrison | rwharrison~AT~fsmail~DOT~net
trying to access the Guestbook.
22 /April /2013----20 :02 :32 - East Sussex

Message 519 - Su Thompson | sujata~DOT~thompson~AT~gmail~DOT~com
In request to post 382 dated 15th August 2011, Julie Hall.

I too am researching Bilko Charles Schmiechin, in relation to
Olive Leon Schmiechin who was my husbands grandmother!
All I know so far is information that is online and that at the age of 70
he witnessed Olive's marriage to John Thompson in 1920. Are we related? John Thompsons son, known as Jack is my father-in-law.
5 /April /2013----13 :31 :42 - Northamptonshire

Message 518 - Elizabeth (Liz) Maddock | lizmaddock~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am giving it another go - trying to sort out my late family.

This is what I think - but I could be confused.

I believe that Bolko Schmiechen was my great grandfather - although I think there were two, one being a son.

His daughter Lucy Ruth (again two in different generations) married William Clark, I think it was a second marriage, and they had a daughter,May, who was my mother.

I think they lived in the Barras Bridge pub/hotel at the time in Newcastle.

I remember visiting great-aunts (hers or mine?) in Whitley Bay called Elizabeth and Bertha.

If you could help me at all I would be grateful, my mother refused to talk about her parents but said that they
were both dead when she was quite young (teens - twenties?).
4 /April /2013----13 :13 :54 - Seville, Spain

Message 517 - Ann Hansen nee Pike | annmackem~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
My final attempt to try and find an old friend called David Stevenson who lived in no 30 The Avenue Deneside, in the 1950s. We were a group of friends all at a Sunday School camp in Marske, Yorkshire about 1952. I have tried for so long to find him, no one even seems to remember him and he must have gone to Deneside School. Hope this is my lucky last time as Ive been trying to find out about him for about 4 years without any luck.
12 /March /2013----04 :32 :13 - Banora Point 2486 Australia

Comment:   I have asked around again but got no response. Sorry Ann but no one on my lists seems to know of him.Lucy

Message 516 - lilian jane | lilianjane~AT~live~DOT~co~DOT~uk
looking for anyone who knows me from school sms my maiden name was bell
11 /March /2013----11 :03 :15 - seaham

Message 515 - Seaham Facebook Page | seahamonline~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Love the pictures that you have on here, any chance you could donate some to the Seaham facebook page or you could even contribute them to the site yourself
5 /March /2013----20 :43 :12 - Seaham

Message 514 - Eleanor Swinburn | swinny05~AT~gmail~DOT~com
What a great site, my Great Grandmother, Eleanor Adamson was born South Shields 1840/41. I just love all the photos, to be able to see Photos of places that come up in my research is awesome, as living in Western Australia, I do not know the areas.
My dad Thomas Swinburn came to Western Australia 1923 , he was born Chester-le Street 1897
.Keep up the good work
3 /March /2013----02 :16 :48 - Australia

Message 513 - Fred Addison | banjofred~AT~msn~DOT~com

My family are all from Sunderland - fathers side Monkwearmouth for hundreds of years (and Seaham), mothers side Silksworth.

I am building up my family tree on ancestry (free access look up banjofred11) with pictures of the area and family stories. This site is great.
2 /March /2013----07 :12 :18 - Washington

Message 512 - Mick Mann | mick~DOT~mann~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Just spotted a message after getting back to "normal" from a stroke,
I am not sure if I have had any previous contact with Julie Hall ( Message No 382), but my wife is also Bolko Schmiechen's ggg grand-daughter
24 /February /2013----15 :31 :37 - Maidstone Kent

Message 511 - Steve Cooper | qkayaksoz~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Great work guys, hats off to all the volunteers, the work you have done so far could not have been done without your commitment.

Cheers Steve
15 /February /2013----02 :32 :39 - Sidenee Oztralia

Message 510 - Richard Hinchliffe | hinchliffe84~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
A group called Seaham Business and Resident Link now exisits on LinkedIn and we are having our inaugural meeting at Tonia's on the 1st march at 1300. All budding histroians are welcome as there will be some interesting old artifacts and postcards of seaham for sale. Also, there will be an opportunity to hear from some business experts about how to improve the town. Dave Angus - you are welcome as a historian and as a butcher.
1 /February /2013----12 :19 :54 - Farnborough

Message 509 - Sarah Parish | sarah_parish~AT~sky~DOT~com
Have just come across your wonderful site! Having researched my family tree for some time now, my maternal side originate from Seaham. Can't wait to look at the site in more depth, well done on your hard work!
Kind regards,

Sarah Parish (related to Phalp family)
27 /January /2013----23 :40 :53 - Taunton, Somerset

Message 508 - ROBERT HARRISON | rwharrison~AT~fsmail~DOT~net
Does anyone know why its so difficult to get in touch with ex pupils of Seaham Modern School. Have tried friends re-united and no luck with tracing the old school.I left school in '64 and spent 5years working as an apprentice Hairdresser in Adelaide Row.I look for to renewing old friendships.
21 /January /2013----20 :46 :14 - TUNBRIDGE WELLS KENT.


Message 507 - keith | stiff_knees~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
testing auto email function
21 /January /2013----10 :50 :17 - house

Message 506 - keith | stiff_knees~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
The email system seems to be workin now.after many hours trying different settings
20 /January /2013----18 :40 :21 - in front of pc

Message 505 - Dave
20 /January /2013----18 :12 :01

Message 504 - Lucy | luc176~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
20 /January /2013----11 :58 :13 - Seaham

Message 503 - Adam Mills | millzy_adam~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Hello, I was just wondering if it would be possible if you could provide me with copies of a number of your photographs, without the east-durham.co.uk water mark so that I could use them in a university project. Any help would be beneficial. Thankyou.
17 /January /2013----11 :48 :04 - Seaham

Message 502 - Brian Scollen | bscollen~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hi Deborah, Have a look at Murton Heritage Site. If you get intouch with them I am sure that they will help you as much as possible. Best Regards Brian
16 /January /2013----21 :32 :59 - Seaham

Message 501 - Deborah Oakley | deboakley1~AT~gmail~DOT~com
My grandfather, Stephen Oakley, emigrated to Marion Illinois from Murton probably around 1907. He was a miner who died shortly before my father, James Stephen Oakley, was born in 1909. I hope to visit Murton next summer while in GB for my daughter's wedding.

Family members once lived 22 Owen (Gwen?) Street. Any Oakleys out there?
15 /January /2013----20 :37 :42 - Houston, Texas

Message 500 - lucy | luc176~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Happy New Year to one and all. Wishing you All the best of Health and Happiness in 2013
31 /December /2012----22 :28 :03 - Seaham

Message 499 - Maureen
Happy New Year Everyone
31 /December /2012----19 :41 :30

Message 498 - Maureen | mollybell~AT~live~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Merry Christmas everyone
22 /December /2012----21 :08 :18 - Great Yarmouth

Message 497 - Lucy | luc176~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I would like to wish all Members and Guests a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2013
19 /December /2012----12 :39 :04 - Seaham

Message 496 - Brian Slee | brian~DOT~slee1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Re Message 453 - Dennis Pallister re Jack Walls

Hello Dennis, delayed reply but only recently read your query. I have asked but those I contacted cannot advise me of Jack's whereabouts.
I remember Jacques going to the Vane Arms with John Lewis (French/German master) Mr Jansz (classics) his young son and myself and my dad. I was asked I think by John Lewis if my dad would arrange a tour of the docks. This he did and apart from looking around the docks and viewing the Londonderry Offices where Mr Jansz translated the Latin motto. We then went to the Vane Arms where Jack briefly joined us. As far as I remember they all enjoyed the tour. Sorry I can't be more help. Brian Slee
19 /November /2012----02 :03 :42 - Seaham

Message 495 - Denis Todd | denis~DOT~todd~AT~live~DOT~com
I was there
25 /October /2012----21 :19 :57 - Harrogate

Message 494 - Les Steele | lessteele~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Re Message 494 comments

I belive it is Hindmarsh but could be wrong. DOB abt 1862 He married my GGM in 1909 in Tynemouth. She was married to Robert Covell who died around 1902. Her maden name was Heslop. I dont think they had children but the children from the previous marrage all lived with them. One of them Mary Jane Covel was my GM.


25 /October /2012----10 :13 :51 - Berkshire

Message 493 - Les Steele | lessteele~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Looking for any ref to the Hindmarsh family living in Murton in 1911. Living at Hedlys Buildings. Robert Hindmarsh was a miner.


23 /October /2012----16 :41 :53 - berkshire

Comment:   Is it Hindmarsh or Hindmarch you are looking for as I have ancestors Robert Hindmarch born 1842 in Sunderland who was a brother to Thomas Hindmarch born 1853 who married a Jane Burrell and they had a son named Robert born in 1891

Message 492 - Joe Knox | joeknox1945~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Trying to find out if my great grandfather called ADAMSON was harbourmaster at Seaham harbour after moving from Bruges maybe around 1850- 1890
23 /October /2012----09 :10 :28 - Newcastle upon Tyne

Comment:   Joe, I can find a John Adamson, Master Mariner in 1902 and 1910.
Also Harbour Master, Lloyds Sub Agent, Pilot Master and local secretary of RNLI from 1914-1929.

Message 491 - Wallace Johnson | diggerveg~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Any one put me in touch with Tom Moreland or Tom Leighton from the wide back in Dawdon not seen them since the mid 60s thank you

16 /October /2012----15 :02 :06 - Burton Latimer Northants

Message 490 - Wallace Johnson | diggerveg~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Any one put me in touch with Tom Moreland or Tom Leighton from the wide back in Dawdon not seen them since the mid 60s thank you
16 /October /2012----14 :59 :54 - Burton Latimer Northants

Message 489 - Julie Regan | julieanne~DOT~regan~AT~bigpond~DOT~com
I am doing some family history for some people who visited the Inverell District Family History Group two weeks ago. They were looking for William and Florence Boland , they named their property in Inverell Seaton. He was born in Seahan Harbour, she in Leyburn Yorkshire. Doi you have any information about this family? They would ghave migrated in the 1900's to Australia.

Julie Regan
11 /October /2012----02 :34 :20 - Inverell NSW Australia

Message 488 - Keith Savage | keithelaine31~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
please can some one help with my quest,
my mate im working with is called Gordon Chapman, Chappy.
he used to work at Seaham mine to locals it was called the Nack pit
then he transferd to the Vane Tempest mine when it shut down,
we would like to no what the seam names, and the district names where from 1980 at Seaham mine-the nack
your help would be much appreciated.
10 /October /2012----15 :33 :11 - Seaham

Message 487 - Les Alexander | Les208~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Re-message 479:
I visited the Murray household every Sunday morning in the mid-forties for violin lessons. The two brothers Jack and Bob Murray lived there and I remember they had a tame Jackdaw which played havoc during my violin lessons, sitting on my head or shoulders: great fun.
25 /September /2012----10 :19 :54 - Billingham TS23 2AA

Message 486 - Harry Davison | hpdavison~AT~sky~DOT~com
Any information on NSCC which I think is a cycling club which was going in 1896 and Londonderry cycling club which was active in 1904. I have a medal and a watch which were given to George Spence for services to both.
24 /September /2012----07 :56 :00 - cheam surrey

Message 485 - Ian Paul | paulycats~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Thanks to Len (Charlton),Graeme(Lacey)and M.(Howarth) for your replies.The idea of families travelling to Seaham on a ship certainly makes sense.I would like to find the reason why the agricultural economy collapsed.We know the Irish had the desperate potato famine ,and the resultant exodus to all points worldwide (including Seaham).
The mine owners agents strike a resemblance to the military and their call to take up "the king's shilling"! Many thanks.
23 /September /2012----20 :28 :15 - Seaham

Message 484 - M Howarth | margehowarth~AT~aol~DOT~com
Yes I think you are right Graeme my grandfather and other members of his family came from Flintshire to seek work in the mines
23 /September /2012----15 :39 :42 - Seaham

Message 483 - Graeme Lacey | graeme~DOT~lacey~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Message for Ian Paul.My great grand father came to the NE from Norfolk too. There was widespread unemployment in agriculture in Norfolk and the fact that NE coal mine owners agents travelled around the country recruiting coal miners may have been a factor in the movement from Norfolk to the NE in the 1870s.
23 /September /2012----06 :42 :07 - North Yorkshire

Message 482 - Len Charlton | wlcharlton~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Re Ian Pauls query. Ships traded continually between East coast ports in those days and took many passengers at far less cost than lengthy road travel. North East colliers would carry news of available jobs and wage levels as well coal to many small ports. Perhaps making berths available as well w
22 /September /2012----21 :19 :28 - Abingdon

Message 481 - Ian Paul | paulycats~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Researching my family history has thrown up a few questions that someone may be able to answer?
My father's family came from Norfolk in the very early 19th century to find work in the North East (Durham and Northumberland coalfields)
How did they accomplish their long journey at a time of very limited travel options?Did they have promise of work and accomodation?As farmer's/farm labourer's,where did they find the money to move?From hard toil ABOVE GROUND,the transistion to underground work must have been frightning? Was this the desperation to earn more money?
Can anyone suggest a book that might answer some of these questions?
Finally i would like to nominate Tom McNee as the best teacher to have taught in Seaham (Deneside junior and infants) The man was a legend.A Gentleman.A Proud Scotsman,and of course a Sunderland supporter!!
20 /September /2012----22 :37 :23 - Seaham

Message 480 - Paul Thompson | merlin6396~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Why do you watermark all the photo's and spoil them, your only supposed to watermark pictures you own the rights to.
16 /September /2012----19 :27 :12 - Seaham

Comment:   The photographs that are watermarked are owned by the person who posted them and there are lots of photographs that are not watermarked if you are interested in having a copy of any photgraph that is watermarked please get in touch with the owner of the site

Message 479 - cliff hamilton | carol~DOT~hamilton15~AT~yahooco~DOT~uk
hi,i rememder noly oliver and her sweet shop the shop was at the top of duke street her husband was george he died before noly noly was relatedt
to the mcatlifs. i lived in seaham untill1973 moving to pelton at that time
16 /September /2012----17 :55 :18 - pelton chester le sreet durham

Message 478 - Angela Brant | angela~DOT~brant~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I have a water colour of the row of cottages in your photo number 45. It was painted in or about 1940 by R. Murray, 15 Princess Road, Seaham, Co. Durham. Is he or any of his family still in Seaham?
14 /September /2012----14 :22 :39 - Holsworthy, Devon

Message 477 - Alan Rowell
I remember the wooden bridge, it had planks missing because people used to nick them for their allotments , etc. Sometimes the gaps were so wide it was too dangerous to cross.
Miss McDougal was my my first teacher at Low Colliery School. She moved to High Colliery when Low Colliery closed. Headmistress was Miss Heslop, she was about 6 feet tall.
14 /August /2012----09 :29 :48

Message 476 - Graeme | wadoryu1973~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Have lots of memories as a youngster in Seaham. Can anyone remember the black road from the knack club to the old wooden bridge that crossed the lines at the colliery. I would walk past the old clay pit on the right which was full af water and people would swim. Old chimneys on the knack ground which were blown up in the late 60's or early seventies (Watched it happen).

Can also remember the old field at westlea where the new school was built after closing high colliery - site of a massive "bonny" every guy fawkes night.

Can anybody remember the old models of coal wagons and miners in locked display cabinets in high colliery school dinner hall which was at the bottom of Mr Millar's class. Mr Wilson's class (later headmaster of westlea school) was a class just off the dinner hall - big open fire at the bottom of the dinner hall.

Other teachers were Miss McDougal, Miss Cullerher (Not the right spelling by any stretch of the imagination) , Mrs Hall then Mrs Millar (wife of the above)

6 /August /2012----14 :26 :35 - Seaham

Message 475 - kevin brooks | kevbrooks39~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
My grandfather served in the royal artillery during the war and i am trying to find out more about his life etc. he died in seaham in 1940 his name was john chadwick and he was a drill sgt. i was wondering if anyone knows where the british army camp was at this time or has any other information that would be related. many thanks k brooks.
4 /August /2012----10 :25 :04 - goole

Message 474 - Victor Huntrods Brown | victrobrown~AT~gmail~DOT~com
In answer to message 472 from Alan Rowell I vaguely recall Oliver's shop but Geoff Carr's fruiterers , with pot Bananas strung across the top of the window, much better. Also famous footballer Sam Hodgson who had the newsagents in Station Road.
1 /August /2012----18 :21 :30 - Louth, Lincolnshire

Message 473 - Victor Huntrods Brown | sailor6sam~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Wondering if any school friends from Byron Terrace School and Seaham Modern ending 1955 are still around.
29 /July /2012----18 :54 :21 - Louth, Lincolnshire

Message 472 - Alan Rowell | row13~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am looking for any information about Billy Hutchinson who lived at 4 Oliver street and worked at Vane Tempest colliery from 1923 till the 1960s. He also used to breed tropical fish, make and sell fish tanksas well as his own fish food ( to a secret formula) called MOLLIFUD.
Any details would be much appreciated.
16 /July /2012----15 :22 :50

Message 471 - Alan Rowell | row13~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Does anyone remember Molly Oliver, who ran a sweet shop a on Station Road?
16 /July /2012----15 :11 :31

Message 470 - david page | christine~DOT~page2~AT~bigpond~DOT~com
Gday', Ronald thank you for email,I forgot to tell you was I have 3 newspaper cuttings regarding Harry Holmans unfortunate drowning,if you send me your address i could post them to you. Regards David Page.
10 /July /2012----09 :54 :38 - busselton west ausralia

Message 469 - R.Sadler | roxannemcbride~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
hi david thankyou for the info. I agree with my grandads (ronald holman) comment below, you should be very proud indeed. Thankyou for takin the time to reply.
Thanks again

P.s The photo' s my grandad is referin too is on this websites fbook page.
8 /July /2012----19 :58 :28 - liverpool

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