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When requesting information on people, an indication of date of birth (approximate will do), trade if known and address or area where they lived if known, will greatly increase your chances of success. 


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Message 612 - Susan | susan,dearey~AT~sky~DOT~com
Hi there I'm looking for info on the Bellis family who lived in Seaham particular Sarah Bellis 1887-1912. She married in 1906 to Christopher Haswell from Murton who I believe had a son and a daughter
14 /July /2015----09 :38 :05 - MURTON { Seaham - COUNTY DURHAM}

Message 611 - Natalie Whitworth | Natalie~AT~whitworthfamily~DOT~com
Very interesting to read that my great Grandfather appears - Benjamin Milburn Brough. He had two children; my Grandmother Margaret was the oldest born in October 1902 and her brother known as Barney I think 3 years later. My grandmother never spoke of it until she was dying but carried a very heavy burden once she found out that who she thought was her mum was indeed her Grandmother. He always provided for his children but apparently wasn't like his brothers allowed to marry or they would lose everything. Apparently my great grandmother who was a very sweet women and a beauty with her dark hair and eyes adored him . My grandmother used to watch him as a gentleman farmer riding his horse - he didn't personally work the land .He was blond and blue eyed and pparently my own mother is his double. Sad tale really.
4 /July /2015----23 :37 :43 - Berkshire

Message 610 - david nichols | dnicho02~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Wally Metcalfe where are you
15 /June /2015----10 :09 :44 - Coldstream Victoria Australia

Message 609 - JD McAllister | jd~AT~johndalemac~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Re message 615 In 50s/60s the Theatre Royal was owned by Chappie Harrison, who was also the Harrison part of Crompton & Harrison
30 /May /2015----15 :49 :32 - Kelvin Valley,Scotland

Message 608 - David Nichols | dnicho02~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Trying to get in touch with Walter Metcalfe old mate from Dawdon Colliery days
I keep in touch with Ken Anderson another old mucker from Easington College days
28 /April /2015----21 :47 :56 - Coldstream Australia

Message 607 - Claire Taylor
Message 620 Jim Hebden, Alice Lincoln is my 1st cousin 1 removed, You and I share the same grandparents,, Im happy to share info if you would like to get in touch

kind regards
21 /April /2015----06 :25 :32 - Lincolnshire

Message 606 - Ken Hardy | ken~DOT~hardy23~AT~gmail~DOT~com
were there any people from seaham harbour who lost their lives onboard the Titanic?
20 /April /2015----15 :13 :38 - Ingleby Barwick, Stockton

Message 605 - WALTER METCALFE | waltermet10~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hi am trying to trace some old firends from the Seaham area and found their names on the Seaham Guestbook. Does anyone have information on Jane Parker her mum and dad had the shop on the corner beside Seaham Girls Grammar School that would be a good start as Jane seemed to know everyone. Thanks Walter
18 /April /2015----09 :55 :02 - DARLINGTON

Comment:   Have not seen Jane for a a lot of years and do not know if she married

Message 604 - Dave Robson | dave~AT~saveanddrive~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Re John McCormack, Sadly John passed away at the age of 68 on the 13th December 2014. from a heart attack.
29 /March /2015----12 :53 :39 - Rojales Spain

Message 603 - Ann Hansen ( nee Pike) | annmackem~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
Does anyone have any information on a fellow called Cedric Huitson. His parents had the pub that was beside the Post office in the 1950s and then they moved into The Castlereagh.pub. many hanks Ann Hansen
27 /March /2015----03 :50 :18 - Banora Point NSW

Message 602 - ray curtis | raycurtis70~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Ref 625.Thanks June Cole.I am aware of the connection with theWalpoles,however i have not been able to find direct link with Sir Robert Walpole the PM.Ihave a copy of the Norfolk Parish Register for the marriage of Hannah in 1867 .If you want acopy please Email me.we will arrange.something.Cheers Ray.
16 /March /2015----14 :42 :17 - seaham Durham

Message 601 - june cole | june13acole~AT~sky~DOT~com
re. message 537 Ray Curtis, my grt grt grandmother was Hannah Curtis as mentioned and I have family tree back to the Walpoles of Houghton Hall in Norfolk ,if you have not already accessed.

12 /March /2015----08 :42 :20 - seaham

Message 600 - wenitt60 | wenitt60~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Glad I found this site. Researching my GGF Robert Dobson who was a master shoemaker at 19 Adelaide Row, he passed away in 1905.
10 /March /2015----19 :40 :09 - United States

Message 599 - Miranda Seymour | mirandajseymour~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Thank you very much for this lovely site, very useful and interesting to me as I start writing a double life of Lady Byron and her daughter, Ada
9 /February /2015----15 :11 :16 - United Kingdom

Message 598 - race may | racelmay~AT~gmail~DOT~com~DOT~com
Have u any information on the history of the in between pub was origenly the mason arms on south railway st, around 1834, did the pub have hotel room/boarding rooms. Any information would great.
Kind regards
8 /February /2015----19 :36 :57

Message 597 - Mary Maguire | mmaguire1980~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Does anyone remember the Watson family from Longnewton Street, Seaham. My grandad was Jack(John) Watson, worked in Dawdon colliery, he had three daughters, Joyce was taught to play the organ by Mr Routledge, Eileen taught at Easington school and helped during the mining disaster of 1951. Does anyone have any memories of them?
26 /January /2015----09 :35 :08 - Eastbourne

Message 596 - Jim hebden | Jim hebden~AT~yahoo ~DOT~co~DOT~uk
My mothers name was Alice Lincoln she had brother called Fred and they lived in seventh street horden in late 1920s early 30s I would love to know if I had any relations left and if so it would be nice if they could get in touch with me.
27 /December /2014----14 :46 :04 - Whitby North yorkshire

Comment:   If you have a Facebook account then go to the following group page someone there maybe able to help in your quest :.......

Message 595 - glenys hutchinson | glenyshutchinson~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am seeking information about mary ann Henderson who was a visitor at 6 back henry st. SEAHAM HARBOUR according to the 1911 census.along with her son GEORGE Henderson my grandfather. She also had a daughter Margaret- MAGGIE- Henderson WHO DID AT THE AGE OF 19 IN 1923. Mary ann was visiting Thomas and MARGARET SIMPSON AT b H. street.
20 /November /2014----22 :22 :23 - oxxford uk

Message 594 - Raymond F Pearson | rfpearson~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
As a lad I lived next door to 2 Scottish school-teacher ladies who taught at Camden Square school(s). Not sure but think 1 at infant/junior & the other Seniors. They were aged ca 40 in 1945 and were born in Elgin, Morayshire. Their father was StationMaster there. I had 2 holidays there around 1943-44. We lived in Middle Herrington. I suppose that they used the bus to Ryhope and changed there for Seaham, not car owners. Spinster ladies - Anna and Margaret Burgess. Anna died ca 1955 then my mother looked after her sister in old age. Margaret survived Flying Scotsman derailment at speed in Northumberland ca 1948. A big crash which closed the line for months. Does anybody recall either of them ?
3 /November /2014----21 :45 :09 - Winsford-Northwich, Mid-Cheshire

Comment:   They were the Burgess sisters One Taught at Ropery Walk School (Infant and Juniors) and the Other at Camden Square I was taught by both .When I was at Ropery Walk they took a holiday in Switzerland and Miss Burgess gave me a Lace Handkerchief from Lake Lucerne. Miss Burgess at Camden square was known As Polly Burgess and she taught English to the class I was in

Message 593 - John ( Jackie ) bell | johnfbell83~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I have not seen any mention of the "Green Man" which was a wall built at the east side of the north terrace green near the cliff edge. It was built to conceal a gun which was pointing out to sea. There were windows and doors painted on it and a pub sign showing "Green Man" to make it look like a pub for security reasons. This was around 1940. This was belived to be because of what happened in world war one when a german submarine shelled Seaham.
28 /October /2014----18 :40 :19 - ryhope

Message 592 - Mick Smith | mick~AT~homecookedrecords~DOT~com
The map called 'LAYOUT IN 1939'. Is there more? It's a good map but a bit little. A full size version in downloadable form would be great.
25 /September /2014----18 :01 :57

Comment:   I just opened the said map and then saved image as Jpeg then opened it with Windows Live Photo gallery and then was able to zoom in and see all names of streets etc maybe this will be of some help to you

Message 591 - Cheryl Sanderson | chezanderson~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Both my husband and I have family links in Seaham going back to the 1800's, which I only found out in recent years through research for my family tree. My Paternal Grandma was born in Seaham.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the memories on here, and will keep returning until I've read it all, the insights into life during the war years etc. are very moving.
Can anyone tell me the names of the owners or managers of the theatres in Seaham in the early 1900's, as I believe I have a family link to one of them, and would like to find out more.
Thank you for producing such a wonderful site and thanks to those who have shared their wonderful memories X
17 /September /2014----23 :08 :21 - New Marske, Yorkshire.

Comment:   There is a photograph taken 1886 in the Named Faces Section showing Mr Adam Chapman Harrison owner of The Theatre Royal And when i wasYoung a Chapman Harrison owned it before a Mr Bliss took it over as a Bingo Hall in the 60's

Message 590 - Ken Anderson ex Vane Tempest | kenedwardanderson~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I recently re-visited the Easington Colliery Disaster web site. The captain of the Mines Rescue team is listed as John Young Wallace, aged 26, of Deneside, Seaham. His sad demise on the first day of the disaster is described in detail. Is anything known about his short life?

In the sixties I had the priviledge of listening to another member of the rescue team, Ernie Myers, recounting the terrible scenes he witnessed underground. Members of Mines Rescue, both past and present, are among the bravest of the brave and should never be forgotten.



5 /September /2014----21 :55 :33 - Northwich, Cheshire

Message 589 - Cherry Robinson | cherry53~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Hello I am a descendant of the William Dobson Collie family who were sea pilots.,two brothers called Collie from Scotland, married the Dobson sisters 1854 approx. so my grandfather was William Dobson Collie.
1 /September /2014----20 :27 :40 - Nr leeds

Message 588 - Ken Hardy | ken~DOT~hardy23~AT~gmail~DOT~com
My father Frederick Hardy was 1 of 4 children born to George W Hardy & Rebecca Stamp. I would appreciate any information on his 2 brothers William (born 1894) & George (born 1896). Also any info on the daughters of George Hardy (Railway & Engineworks Manager)
Eleanor 1853 - 1895
Annie 1859 - ?
Emma E 1870 - ?
This site is simply fantastic. I was raised in South Hetton/Murton Colliery and attended Ryhope Grammar School. Scrolling through the messages I am sure I remember a few ex school pals

Many thanks
Ken Hardy
30 /August /2014----12 :50 :13 - Ingleby Barwick (Stockton)

Message 587 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Well my sister and I arrived in seaham today and we have had a lovely evening chatting with new family members of our mam's family.
Thanks to having access to this fabulous site.we are only here till sunday.
28 /August /2014----22 :01 :35 - seaton lane

Message 586 - jack bell | johnfbell83~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I started school at ropery walk in 1936. I can remember the names of some of my friends at that time and I would like to hear from any of them if they are still around.the ones I can bring to mind are Dick Bedding, Albert Dix, Tommy Jubb and Joyce foots who all lived adjacent to the school.I now live in ryhope and I would like to hear from any of them.I am 82 now and they will be the same age so heres hoping.
21 /August /2014----07 :11 :56 - I live in Ryhope but I visit seaham once a week for shopping

Message 585 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thanks Mick for your information. It's good to know where you were born . Can't wait for 28th August to travel back to seaham I get such a warm feeling when I'm there.
16 /August /2014----16 :34 :02 - ashton in makerfield

Message 584 - Mick Smith | mick~AT~homecookedrecords~DOT~com
On the left hand side of the site see old maps, pick the 1895 and you'll find Australia street to the left of the words New Seaham.
Top of the Mill Inn bank on the east side of the road
14 /August /2014----16 :50 :55 - france

Message 583 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi my sister and I came up in June and we have since found family members.We will be back at the end of August and we will be visiting Christ Church to look for relatives related to our mam, hopefully by the name of reveley.Just love Seaham wish I could find where Australia street was were I was born.I did find it on a map many years ago but not had any luck of late.If anybody has any idea I would be grateful.
12 /August /2014----23 :01 :42 - ashton in makerfield

Message 582 - John Tennant | John~AT~johntennant~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am hoping this message reaches David Angus.

An acquaintance recently showed me part of his collection of approximately 250 glass negatives, dating from the early twentieth century and taken by his paternal great uncle (Nicholson). They are almost all in very good condition, although a few are slightly foxed at the edges. We have no way of making plosives from these negs. I have not discussed with my friend what he intends to do with these artefacts but I know he would like to make a few prints for himself.

Would your site be interested in scanning this material. I think he might be persuaded for you to make whatever use you thought in return. He also has another couple of hundred negs still with his Mother. And two beautiful plate cameras.

With regards,

John Tennant
25 /July /2014----12 :51 :46 - Saffron Walden

Message 581 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Message 602 thanks for the information m.howarth.
17 /July /2014----21 :46 :16 - ashton in makerfield

Message 580 - robert williams | Robert~DOT~williams563~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Hi Dave the retired Butcher just got my computer working will try and get up and see you this week.Bob
14 /July /2014----20 :27 :03 - Blackhall Colliery

Message 579 - Michelle George nee Light | Scooby~DOT~doo~AT~league2000~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Looking for photos of Low Colliery School. I went there as a child.many thanks.
10 /July /2014----20 :27 :20 - Cleveland

Message 578 - m howarth
To Syl Bennet
The Arthur and Eva you spoke about may have been called Newby.
Hope this helps
9 /July /2014----16 :46 :27

Message 577 - Ken dodds | kdne12~AT~aol~DOT~com
Dave - thanks for your help. Will have to have a visit to seaham in the near future.i note there was a survivor of the 1880 disaster called Thomas dodds but not sure if it is the same man as no age was given in reports
He would have been about 16 at the time
He had a son who married an Elizabeth aikenhead from seaham in 1909. They lived with her father and family at west street seaham on 1911 census
Is west street still standing
Many thanks
9 /July /2014----11 :24 :58 - Newcastle

Message 576 - Ken Dodds | kdne12~AT~aol~DOT~com
I am trying to find some info regarding my great grandfather who was manager of the Londonderry hotel (1901 census ) And the kings arms north terrace (1911 census )

His name was Thomas Dodds and I am wondering if you have any idea of the dates he was at each pub for
Also appear to be missing his daughter Isabella who was under 1 on the 1901 census but no trace of her on 1911 one
Any idea where I can go to check for any death details for her
8 /July /2014----15 :33 :40 - Newcastle

Comment:   Ken, I can find a Thomas Dodds, landlord of the King's Arms from some time between 1902 and 1910 until some time between 1934 and 1938.
Isabel Dodds, daughter of Thomas was buried at Princess Rd Cemetery on 15th August 1901 aged 5 months.
Dave Angus

Message 575 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Love this site, my sister and I had a visit to seaham a few weeks ago, it was great I had not been back for 50yrs.I am trying to find my mother's ancestors. Her mother was marie reveley born 1883.It was only after we returned home , that we were told her family are buried in christ church seaham.I have checked parish records but nothing recorded. Any help would be great fully appreciated. Thanks syl
6 /July /2014----16 :16 :21 - ashton in makerfield

Message 574 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thanks for the comment just wish I knew their surname.while I was in durham 2wks ago I managed to find out that my mam's mother's name was Marie Reveley if anyone knows anyone with this surname I would be very grateful.thanks again fabulous site.
4 /July /2014----17 :51 :46 - ashton in makerfield

Comment:   In the 60's to 1971 I worked at Seaham Co-op and there was a girl Name of Dot Revely worked in one of the deparments I think it may have been the shoe department she married a man whose surname was Porteous

Message 573 - Syl Bennett | sylviab~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi I'm trying to find out if the daughters of arthur and eva.they lived in duke street in 50s/60s their names are linda and norma.i am uncle jack's niece my mum and dad were joe and jenny.
1 /July /2014----19 :12 :48 - ashton in makerfield

Comment:   It would help if you were to put the Surnames of the people you are trying to locate then if anyonewho visits the guest book knows them they could pass message on

Message 572 - Lucy | lucytaylor1948~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Anyone visiting the Guest book we have a new addition to the site if you look over to the left you will see the link to TOMMY WW1 Soldier and this group is working in conjunction with Mission 1101 trying to collect funds so that this Sculpture can be bought and stay in Seaham any donation will be much appreciated. (On the page there is a link to see photographs of Tommy taken by Keith )
17 /June /2014----15 :58 :08 - Seaham

Message 571 - Therese Guy | thereseguy~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Photo GW 200 re, Bob & Noni Ditchburn wedding 1950

Message for Ann Hanson - Unfortunately both NonI &Bob Ditchburn have passed away in Australia. I am incontact with one of their daughters, and can pass on information. She has seen the photo and confirmed it is her parents.
16 /June /2014----17 :16 :25 - Cumbria.

Comment:   I have sent this message in a private email to Ann in case she has not been on site

Message 570 - Diane Checkley | Dianecheckley~AT~outlook~DOT~com
My maiden name is Mackey, daughter of Tom (colliery manager), granddaughter of Thomas (colliery manager).
My mothers maiden name was Gilmore, daughter of Sydney (butcher)
15 /June /2014----08 :54 :46 - Newcastle

Message 569 - Peter John McThune | pjmcthune~AT~msn~DOT~com
Hi just found this site through mij daughter she lives in South Hetton I am still Reading the letters. I was born in Seaham Alfred street then moved to Ceder crescent and letter Horthorn cottages maried and lived in South hetton had a good life in South hetton.
I live now in Nederland 35 years and this is my home I live in Hoorn not far from Amsterdam
I would like to get in contact with old school friends Camden Square school and my Nick name was Thoony. Im also in Facebook
8 /June /2014----09 :57 :39 - Hoorn, Nederland

Comment:   Hi there Peter you may not remember me but I remember you I too went to Camden Square
My maiden Name was Lucy Chambers I spent a lot of time at Parkside and was friends with Margy Johnson I will be in the Netherlands from 25th June for a few days
Visiting friends in Weert.
we also have a Facebook account :-https://www.facebook.com/groups/east.durham/

Message 568 - keith
I have had to remove the forum as there has been some technical issues , it will be restored soon.

Regards Keith.
27 /May /2014----21 :17 :53 - seaham

Message 567 - Moira clements. Nee burns | Clements704~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I would like to know if anyone remembers me , born in seaham lived in Malvern cres ,I went to sis was in form 4b , left school and worked in Hunters wallpaper shop in church st . I moved away and now live in Cumbria . My family live in Seaham and I visit Mam who lives in peterlee .
9 /May /2014----08 :18 :45 - Cumbria

Message 566 - Sally Kalantarian neeSwinney | Sarah~DOT~Kalantarian~AT~gmx~DOT~de
Would like to get in touch with Gillian Hall
We were in school together in Northlea and lost touch manyyears ago
She used to live in Murton and later Sunderland
If anyoneknows her wearabout i would be grateful
6 /May /2014----08 :27 :18 - Hamburg Germany

Message 565 - Mick Smith | mick~AT~homecookedrecords~DOT~com
Chip Monnick. Did I make the name up or is it from Seaham?
29 /April /2014----18 :19 :59 - France

Comment:   you are correct he is originally from Seaham..real name is David Monnick
Was a biker with Mosey bell and the
crowd from the 60s and 70s

I always knew him as Chip (Dave) Monarch... Lucy ......https://www.facebook.com/chip.monarch?fref=ts this is Chips facebook addy

Message 564 - Julie Gibson | Juliegbsn~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic site. As my great great grandfather had 16 children (that Ive found so far!) all born around the Seaham area I suspect I'm going to be a regular visitor here !
20 /March /2014----00 :06 :38 - stockton on tees

Message 563 - Derek Tempest | derek~DOT~tempest1~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I am seeking information on the Tempest Family who lived in Hawthorn Square about 1947, My farther was Thomas William Tempest. I believe my grand parents lived in 49, Hawthorn second off bottom house, There was a son Chuck Tempest who also lived in the square also a son in law Con Vickers they were all Royal Navy men. Hoping some one can give me information
Derek Tempest
16 /March /2014----17 :01 :59 - Peterlee

Message 562 - Brian Scollen | bscollen~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Message for Mr Muson, Re your question about the Musson family and ww1. A little more information about names would be very helpful. Brian
11 /March /2014----20 :02 :49 - Seaham

Message 561 - Ann Hansen | annmackem~AT~optusnet~DOT~com~DOT~au
I am hoping one of your readers can help. I am trying to trace any family of Caran Parkinson who lived in Station Ave Hetton le Hole. She would now be around 52 years old. She emigrated to Australia in the 1980s. The information I have is that Caran was a hairdresser and she married an Alan Morgan,. they had a daughter called Nicola Caran. It is believed that Alan Morgan died in an accident and believe that was in Australia. he was a breeder of dogs. Im helping a very old friend of Carans to try and find her and hopefully if there is still family in Hetton le Hole that may be able to help us find her. We would be grateful for any help. from Ann Hansen
4 /March /2014----04 :46 :46 - Tweed Heads Austrlia

Message 560 - Michael Collins | mikecollins~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Many thanks for the hard work in creating this website.
3 /March /2014----11 :08 :16 - Coalville, Leics

Message 559 - Edward McCabe | edsurf58~AT~aol~DOT~com
Message for Brian Scollen.

Hi I am tracing my family tree and our family's cross paths, My great great Grandfather was Patrick McCabe who was married to Mary Rose Scollen.


Ed McCabe
20 /February /2014----20 :45 :20 - Lymington, Hants

Message 558 - janet jefferies | janetjefferies57~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
I am looking for information on Sisters of Mercy Ryhope where my grandmother Jenny Hanlon was sent in the late 1890's after her parents died. Any photos would be wonderful. She also had 2 brothers Joseph and Henry but I have no idea what happened to them.
17 /February /2014----13 :53 :59 - London

Message 557 - Keith
Just a bit advice

I have noticed that visitors are asking questions on the guestbook and getting replies. Some are making reference to other posts in the guestbook and cross referencing.we have a forum for such things and it will make your use of this site far easier if you were to use the forum as this is why it was put there.

However if you prefer to do it this way please continue. But please remember its much easier to follow threads on the forum as opposed to here in the guestbook
17 /February /2014----01 :00 :10 - seaham

Message 556 - Ian Thirlwell | fh~DOT~thirlwell~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
George, there's a Martin Tempest Watson born Sacriston, age 12, in the 1911 census. Is this your granddad? The brothers' names match, and there are six, not five brothers!
13 /February /2014----22 :49 :46 - Portsmouth

Message 555 - george robinson | george~DOT~robinson716~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
re.martin tempest watson sacriston mothers name alice fathers name thomas a pit deputy my grandad martin had five brothers 1. william.g 2.thomas3.john.r 4.james.w 5 grandad.martin tempest 6 frank.g his father thomas born in stanley but no referance anywhere about him help anyone please
10 /February /2014----12 :31 :45 - doncaster

Message 554 - Liz Maddock | lizmaddock~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Ref. Message 519.
Hi Su,
I'm a bit foggy about details but I had a relative (Great-great - Aunt?) called Olive Thomson who had a husband known as Jack. I believe that my grandmother was a Schmeichen so it seems to tie up. Olive lived in Whitley Bay close to her sister Elizabeth, known as 'Tizzy' . Does this sound familiar to you?
10 /February /2014----09 :24 :48 - Sevilla, Spain

Message 553 - alan plummer | alan~DOT~plummer~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
now living in east kent after time n the army 25 years and 18 years working for the Royal British Legion.I left seaham in 1955 for nat service.I wonder if any of my mates from our teenage years are still around.If so i would like to hear from them.
6 /February /2014----14 :41 :18 - Nr.Margate Kent

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