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Posted By Carole Fenton From At the moment, in Crook
Posted on the -13 -January -2009 04:06pm
Your Message>>>>Hello to Dave and to everyone on the site. Its brilliant! Just one complaint - the Sunderland photo section needs updating with tons more photos! (just being selfish and greedy!)

All the best


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Posted By David Angus From Seaham
Posted on the -14 -January -2009 02:13am | email
Your Message>>>>Hello Carole, good to hear from you again, Len Charlton has a new Sunderland section planned and I still have unused photographs from my own, Brian Slee's and Norman Kirtlan's collections but if we are ever to make anything of the Sunderland section (have you ever checked out Seaham on the site) we really need help, both pictures and information from people who will get involved and develop the whole Sunderland scene.
This applies to all the "other towns" as we currently only have Len Charlton (Sunderland), Bob Williams (Blackhall) and George Maitland (Murton) helping out.
Keep in touch

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